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Dividends: The commonly forgotten source of free money.

In the world of stock investing one of the topics that I believe is most often forgotten is dividend returns. What is most talked about is stock prices and the interest returns that are gained on a yearly basis, with the small chunk of free money that is consistently given known as dividends left by

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Spending $800 to achieve a lifelong goal: Learning Spanish

In last weeks article I brought up the topic of investing in yourself in order to increase your happiness and self worth in life. One way I recently have approached this is by tackling a pretty hefty goal I have had for a long time which is learning Spanish. My Spanish learning journey is pretty

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Having the motivation to invest in yourself

Over the last month or so I’ve thought a lot about motivation and how it affects our lives. We most commonly hear about being motivated right around the beginning of the new year as everyone is starting over in their lives and creating for themselves a “new me”. What’s funny about this, is that as

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