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Financial education: The best investment you can make.

“You will never find a wealthy person who didn’t study wealth.” The Wealthy Gardener Over the past few weeks I have been diving into some new financial books such as Rich dad Poor dad and the Wealthy Gardener, both of which I highly recommend. While reading both of these books and listening to a number

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How the foundations of FI apply during this crisis.

As the current crisis of the corona virus is sweeping our nation, I think it is safe to say that we all are seeing changes in our lives whether positive or negative. This crisis has hit our country and affected people in ways no other thing has in my lifetime. Mass layoffs, government stimulus, closing

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Having the motivation to invest in yourself

Over the last month or so I’ve thought a lot about motivation and how it affects our lives. We most commonly hear about being motivated right around the beginning of the new year as everyone is starting over in their lives and creating for themselves a “new me”. What’s funny about this, is that as

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